Sunday, April 6, 2014

Take a Walk in my Hall!

Greetings friends. Man, what a whirl wind the last two weeks have been. Last weekend I met up with some of my bloggy buds in San Antonio to run (and by run I mean WALK) my first 5K. It was such a fun weekend. There were twelve of us, three from Texas. Needless to say, we ate our weight in Mexican food. Boy was it good. When I got home on Sunday, Nick said he wanted to eat Mexican food for dinner. I'm sure he loved the look on my face. Haha! 

I was totally terrified of the race. Anything that has the word RACE in, well..I am not a fan. Haha! The girls were super sweet not to leave my big ole butt behind. Here are a few pics of my weekend. 

My Texas peeps! Love these two girls!

I had to wear these neon glasses to protect my lashes. 
Priorities people!

Even fluffy girls need a tutu. :)
Pearl (my car) still has neon chalk all over her. 
She is a hot mess!
Reagan, Cara and me. My husband asked me if I was going for 80's gansta? Word! Haha!

 So blessed by the friendships I have made through blogging. :) I can't wait until I Teach K! Are you going? I will be there the whole week. I personally feel like that is too long to be in Vegas but with so many people coming and going, I don't want to miss a thing. I will present all day on Thursday but the rest of the week will be for me to play and learn..and play. Haha!

Moving on...I know I have said it a thousand times, but I truly LOVE my school and team. I walk around once a week and take pics in the halls of all the work. I swear, I stay inspired. The problem is that I want to be like everyone when I grow up and I cant get it all done. Here is a peak of a few things in our kinder hall. 

This is outside my room. We have been doing more and more author studies this semester. For the last two weeks we have read the Scaredy Squirrel books. They are SO much fun and cover so many great literacy (specifically writing) and social studies objectives. I have made a cute little unit but it's not quite finished yet. Here is a sneak peak of our work. I love the second semester. I feel like we have more time to really dig deep into some things because there is so much reteaching going on and most of my kids have mastered their basics. Light bulbs going off everywhere. It's just plain ole fun! 

Oh, last but not baby girl went to her first prom last night. I can't believe she is old enough to do that. I really can't talk about it without tearing up. I love her so much. Every night this week has been filled with mom errands to get her ready for this one night. I am pretty sure we could have taken a vacation for the cost of everything. Holy guacamole. I swear it wan't that expensive when I was in school. My girl is more like a skater girl. She lives for jeans, tshirts, and her vans. Curling her hair and wearing makeup is quite foreign to her. It's so nice to see her dress up and be girly every once in a while. I always love people's reactions. "Is that G..?" I am totally cool with her living behind her hoodie right now. My husband tells me all the time to learn how to sew so we can put her in a potato sack. LOL Here are a few pics of her big night. Being from Texas, we had to take some Texas like pics but don't let that fool you. We couldn't sing the lyrics to a country song to save our life. Haha! No seriously. 
That's all I got tonight. I hope to post my Scaredy Squirrel unit soon. I LOVE it so much. My kids loved it even more than me. Learning + Fun = Win for everyone!

Oh one last thing (because this is the post that never ends..) if you follow me on Facebook, please click LIKED and See Notifications. 

FB is a stinker and has changed their policies AGAIN (big sigh) and you won't see my posts like you used to. I try hard to post teacher funnies and daily inspiration (bc we all need that right?). Thanks for following and supporting me in my educational adventures. 

It's always an adventure! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Holy Guacamole!!

Holy guacamole! Usually I don’t like to post back to back BUT I am a teeny bit excited.  I have been in Spring cleaning mode at school and home. I have been organizing and purging like crazy. It’s as if May is taunting me. Sleep is laughing at me. Dun dun dunnnnnn! Haha!

I don’t know about you but I chase my tail the last grading period. I don’t know if I am coming or going. I don’t know if I am scratching my watch or winding my butt! (Know that movie quote?!)

So, in an effort to get prepared, I started created resources over Spring Break for the end of the year. I am so happy with how they turned out. Note to say SO way to much Crystal.

Moving on, I wanted to show you what I have had up my sleeve. First, I have an alphabet review. You could actually use it all year, but this is my plan. Almost all of my students know their letters and sounds by now but I like to do an end of year review. I can use this as morning work, homework, or just a worksheet in a word work tub. It’s just another way for me to continue to monitor their progress and assure that they have retained each letter and sound. You can see this set by clicking here or the picture.  

Next, knowing that my life is scheduled to be a hot mess the last several weeks of school (this year I have decided to schedule’s inevitable so this is my way of embracing hotmessness that is…yes making up words all over the place), I created a JustClick & Print Set for the last six weeks of school. Really, it’s 96 pages so I am sure you could use for as long as you need to. Again, I am thinking morning work, homework, word work centers, etc. Simple. Easy. No color printing required. Easy. Did I mention easy? Haha! Click here to see this set or the picture below. :)

Last is my favorite. Each summer I send home a Summer Workbook for my students and a journal.  I don’t know if all of them complete the work but I *hope* they do.  The last day of school, I give them a bag. In that bag, they have a summer journal, summer work book, crayons, paper, pencils, play dough, playing cards (because we play card games every day), two dice (for dice games), a dice game or two, their last bundle of sight word books they have made and put in their book baskets and their end of year DVD. Their summer work book will consists of a calendar of very simple educational tasks that can be done at home each day. I will also include some of the worksheets from my Easy Peasy Unit (above) of skills that child needs to work on, Sunny Sight Word  & Sunny CVC Word Lists for them to read each week (five lists of each)and a summer journal. I know in the past, my students have LOVED going home with so much FUN stuff to do. You can see my Summer Lovin’ set by clicking HERE or the picture below.

Now, this is A LOT. I get that. So, I have bundled them with a 20% discount on the set. The bundle is 194 pages. Holy Guacamole! You can see that here or click this next picture.

I can’t believe I am actually starting to plan for the end of the year. This year has flown by WAY too fast. I really have loved every minute of it.  Some years, have more stock in wine but this year, not so much.  I am looking forward to the summer with my kids and at conferences (hopefully with YOU) but I’m going to totally miss this group and plan on spending the rest of the year just enjoying our little class family and the neat little people God has entrusted me with this year.

Now, for real and truly, I am participating in that 5K tomorrow tonight. It’s a neon race. It’s similar to the color run but instead of spraying you with paint, they spray you with glow in the dark stuff. I feel like this is perfect for my first 5k simply because it is at NIGHT. No one needs to see too much fluff jiggle. I did buy a neon tutu. When I say neon, I mean I am ready to direct some traffic. I love the whole dress up for fun idea but honestly I bought it just in case I don’t make it, people will see my laying in the road and know to step over me. I’m counting on that tutu to save my life tomorrow! Thanks for any prayers and well wishes. I will be back to share pictures of my weekend later.

Oh, before I go..I am joining in with some bloggy friends for a Spring Sale. My store is 20% off today through Monday. I have posted a ton of new stuff so shop til ya drop. Hopefully you can find something that will make your life easier. :) Click HERE to head to my store. If you click the pic below to see who else's store is on sale. 

Love and virtual hugs!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is it REALLY Spring?

It's SPRING! I am sure you knew this but I wish the weather would get a clue! I am so over this whole winter one day spring the next.  It's killing my asthma and my headaches are at a all time high. Just redonkulous. Okay, enough complaining. :) If you are starting your plants unit, I wanted to share my Plant & Flowers Unit with you. Here is a preview of my the unit. It is 79 pages and will be on sale for for the next few days!! Click the pic to see more. I will be back later with pictures of this unit in action. We LOVE learning about plants and growing them. Here's to praying for more sunlight and growing flowers!!

And now a freebie for your downloadable pleasure if you haven't already downloaded it. 
Just click the pictures. J

I am off to SanAntonio to this afternoon to run (and by run I mean WALK) my first 5K with some of my blogging friends. Please say a little prayer that I don't kick the bucket. 
Love and hugs!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter Freebie!

Looking for Easter fun? My “Eggcellent Easter and Oviparous Unit” is  one of my favorites. It is 95 pages and will be on sale for the next few days. J Here is a preview (Click the pick to get more details).

In case you missed it earlier, here is a freebie from the unit. Yay!! Click the pictures to download. 

Have a great week!