Monday, March 30, 2015

Amazing Race

The last five weeks is kinda a blur. I loved every minute of it...well, not being stuck in airports so much, but most of it was amazing. I consider the last five weeks my amazing race! I've always wanted to go on the Amazing Race show but I think I would crap my pants if I had to do something really high. I will ride a roller coaster all day long but I am terrified of heights. Real talk people. 

And, remember that one time when I embarrassingly admitted to gaining twenty pounds last semester? Well, even with all of my adventures I've managed to destroy 18 of those dreadful pounds. Two more to go and then beyond! *I will not eat Easter candy. I will not eat Easter candy.*

My first stop was Atlanta. I was beyond thrilled to attend the Ron Clark Academy. I went solely for selfish reasons. I’ve had a hard year. As a teacher, I needed someone to shake me and light my fire again. I think for the first time in my little career, I was desperate for an experience such as RCA. Guess what? It worked! I was totally inspired to the point of tears. I left feeling like I could conquer the world. I needed to be slapped around a little and given a new prospective and I was and I have one. Seriously, all teachers so go. It really is life changing and worth every penny. Shout out to hubs for paying for my day at RCA with his play money. Love a man who knows you are crazy enough to send you somewhere that will set you straight. Ha!

While in Atlanta, I was able to go to the EdExpo 2015. It was ah-mazing! I learned about so many great new up and coming products for education. You can check out my post here and make sure you follow me on instagram to see all of the pics and videos I posted of that weekend.

The next weekend I headed to California. I worked Mon-Thurs and then hopped on a plane Thurs night and flew back late Sunday night. It made for a long month but I made it work.  In California, I taught a session on Writer’s Workshop (my absolute FAV) at the SouthernCalifornia Kindergarten Conference.  I had such a great time. It was such a well put together and organized conference. If you live in CA, you should totally try and attend it. I was super impressed and love spending time with educators that are near and dear to my heart. 

The next weekend I was home, but my besties and I threw together a huge event to benefit one of our friend’s four year old son, Gavin. He is four years old and will undergo heart surgery THIS THURSDAY. Please, please add him to your prayers.  We put together and hosted a Superhero Family Fun Day & Walk. We raised a ton of money for this sweet family. It’s probably not enough, but surely it will help. It was covered by the local news and paper and we had a few hundred people attend. Not too shabby for six weeks of planning with three of my best friends. #teamgavin

Then, off to Indiana. I went for the teacher/blogger meet up put together by Holly. I want to be Holly when I grow up. She is an amazing teacher. You can check out her blog by clicking here.  We were given the coolest swag from VeraBradley, Lakeshore Learning, Erin Condren, Scentos, GoNoodle, TeachersPayTeachers and I’m sure there were more lol. I won a beautiful bracelet and gift certificate from Origami Owl. I never win anything. For real and truly. I was so excited!!

I had a blast spending time with my bloggy buds and meeting new friends. I hosted a table talk on my experience at RCA and ways to be encouraged for the rest of the year. It was really fun sharing my experiences at RCA and what I have experienced in my own classroom…making connections people!

Upon returning home, I have spent time with my friends at Easter Egg hunts and going to the zoo. It’s been a whirlwind of craziness but my family survived and I made some pretty sweet memories. To say I’m blessed is an understatement and you better believe I thank God every day for this journey and pray for all of the sweet people I meet along the way.

I know this is going to be shocking, but I have THREE posts already scheduled for the next week so hold on to your seats people because this week I am going to be a for real and truly BLOGGER. Bwhahaha!

Love and virtual hugs!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

EdExpo 2015 TOP

I recently went to Atlanta, GA to attend the EdExpo 2015. EdMarket invited 50 bloggers to come and vote on our top ten products for 2015.  These bloggers came from different states and teach various grade levels. It was so fun to connect with other educators that share the same passion and love for teaching. I really enjoyed talking to all of the vendors and trying out the products.  Some were outside of my kindergarten world, but I could totally see them in use in an upper elementary classroom.  I am impressed with the creativity and innovation in the products that are being created for classrooms today. Below you will find an overall top 10 list that was complied by all 50 bloggers. They may not all be kinder but they are definitely worth looking into. Share with your schools and see for yourself all of the new great ideas out there! 

I will be blogging about MY favorite products soon with a few sweet giveaways too!  Be sure to check out the EDmarket page to find a local or online  retailer. Click any pictures to take you to the product page to get more information.  You can also find vendors from when you decide to buy. I’m so grateful to Sherron Washington for asking us bloggers to come check out what is new in the education world. We appreciate you!! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

100 Days and Still Alive!

I did it, I mean the kids did it! Ha! They, we, survived the first 100 days of school. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it this year. But, we did and the 100th day of school was so much fun. My kids are starting to come around and maybe by the 120th day of school, we can be highly functioning every day. Ha! Right now, it’s every other day. I am super impressed with their reading though and that makes me happy. Here are some pics from our celebration on Friday. 

We had fun cupcakes after lunch. 

This was the 100th day snack we made and I sent home. You're welcome sweet parents. :) No really, thanks for donating everything if you read this thing.

Isn't this the cutest shirt? My first grade teacher friend made it with her cameo. Since I now have one of those fancy machines, which I have yet to use, I feel like I need to make one of these too! 

We dobbed 100 "gumballs" on a paper plate for what will become a gumball machine tomorrow but let's be honest people. They either had 12 or 2,000 gumballs on that plate. ha! 

We stuck 100 stickers on this fancy paper. Man, that took forever but they loved it and I loved it because they were super quiet and focus. I feel like we need to do this again soon! :)

We made necklaces with 100 fruit loops and a ribbon in the middle. I'm pretty sure some of the kids were missing at recess. I swear they were behind the tree eating their necklaces. Ha!

We also made hats and the kids wore shirts with 100 things attached to them. They were pretty awesome. I posted some pics on Instagram. The link to follow me is above. :) 

Also, happening in my world, I posted a fun Literacy Center pack tonight. I'm super excited about it. The graphics are adorbs. Here are some pics of my centers ready to go for tomorrow. :)

If you want to see more of this product, click HERE. It's on sale right now too!

In other news, I am super pumped to get to go to the EdExpo in two weeks in Atlanta. I am flying out Thursday night so I can attend the Ron Clark Academy on Friday. I think that's just what my heart needs right now. I need my excitement renewed and my spirit shaken a little. That's just the place to get it done too. It's a total bucket list thing and I cannot wait!! I'll post pics to FB and Instagram. 

Also, important in my world is something that my friends and I are putting together. I have a group of friends from High School that are still very near and dear to my heart and we get together often. One of my friend's sons is having open heart surgery next month and we wanted to do something for her family. We are hosting a Superhero Walk Family Fun Day next month. This is sweet Gavin. He is four years old. 

I would love it if you would follow our FB page and help out if you feel inclined. Isn't he the cutest? He is obsessed with superheros so we will all dress up like one on the event day. I can't wait. Cape and all y'all. I'll post pics. It could be a tad tragic but just ignore the tights and focus on the cape. Ha!

This week should be filled with adventure. We have a field trip to the rodeo on Wednesday and Friday is our Valentine's party. I'm hoping the other three days can be low key. I'm getting over some crazy stomach thing that has had me in pain and my blood pressure has been redonkulous. I've went to the doctor twice though so I'm all over it. So not cool!

I will be at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference the last weekend of this month. Are you going? I'm teaching a session on fav. So many of my blogging buddies live in CA so I can't wait to hop on that plane. 

Okay, I have to go finish hub's lunches for this week. He's lucky I love him so much. Since he's been back home from traveling for work, we have kicked it into high gear and have went back to clean eating and working out regularly. I'm ashamed to admit but I gained 25 pounds last semester. No one believes me. Apparently I hide it well. I've lost 15 pounds since Jan. 1st and have another 10 to undo that damage and then I can go from there. My husband has lost 25 pounds in the same amount of time which makes me want to punch him in the face, especially since he really isn't fluffy to begin with but then I think about how cute he is and I'm over it. Ha! 

Love and virtual hugs!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Well HELLO 2015!!

Oh back to school. We have a love hate relationship. I love my job and enjoy being in a routine but I also hate to leave my bed especially when it’s so stinking cold outside. I realize that some of you crazies are dealing with negative temperatures and I am in Texas but Snow M.G. I can barely handle it.

Let’s talk about 2015. Um, it’s here. As in, all day erryday.  Ha! Seriously, where did last semester go? Mind blown over here! The silver lining to this mini melt down is that my sweet husband has been working on a project for work for the last nine months and most weeks he is gone Monday-Friday which has left me in single parent mode.  This has been challenging but I can totally do the mom thing all day long (though the whole taxi situation is life sucking). Everything else had to go to the back burner. Blogging, creating, girls nights (tragic)…all in the crapper.  I’m cool with it though because my three ridiculously dramatic and one million percent teenager teens are so worth it.

Oh, speaking daughter takes her driving test tomorrow. Say a prayer for her. She actually turned 18 over the break but doesn’t have her license yet.  Let’s just say she has been driving impaired and we weren’t rushing the situation. Fingers crossed it goes well. Eek! That also means that I can get some more flipping help with this whole taxi situation. Ha!

Anyway, hubs is done with the work project and is now back home full time.  I also have a love hate relationship with that. LOL! When he is gone, I didn’t have to cook so much. The kids cooked for themselves and I made me a soup or salad. Easy right. Well hubs is a little more complicated and wants crap like SIDES and COOKED MEAT. Ha! It will be an adjustment but so worth it. I love him so much and when he was gone, my heart hurt.

I stayed at school until 6:00 p.m. tonight. I know most of you dread that but I have only been able to do that about three times this school year.  It’s so nice to now have the freedom to stay late and catch up or get head.  I feel really good about this semester right now just because I know I have him to count on at home.  

I have a ton of goals for 2015
Still working on the whole baby thing, sigh. I’m believing like no body’s business! I went back and read my 13 for ’13 tonight. I’m not going to lie, I shed a few tears.  My faith has not dwindled in the least bit.  I’m still believing and awaiting my miracle. I was having trouble picking out my One Little Word for 2015. Last year was HOPE and man oh man did I have and still do. I think this year my OLW will be GROW. I would love to grow in so many ways. I want to grow as a wife, mother, teacher. I would also love to grow a belly that is not full of jelly if ya get what I mean. ;)  I’m cracking myself up over here. Seriously, if my butt grows anymore, it’s getting an eviction notice!

I feel like if I am GROWing, I am moving forward.  There are times when I want to just remain still and wait and then there are times when I feel like I am supposed to grow. God has stretched me to my max this year with my class. I get upset and frustrated and he does something to break my heart and remind me why he has placed me, or really why he has placed these children with me.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Well who every said that is stupid. Just kidding. Maybe. ;) Some days I don’t want to be made strong but then again, I want to grow. Let’s just call this school year full of growing pains and you peeps are my therapist. Thank you very much. You can mail your bill to Kreative in Kinder @ 987 Not Getting Paid, Hot Mess, TX 12345. Ha!

In the spirit of moving and shaking, I finally created something new.  I am super excited to start creating monthly poetry units for my kids. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that poetry has always been part of our weekly routine in my classroom. You can click these pictures for more details and stay tuned for more months to come.

Before I go, I am having a sale in my t-shirt store in preparation for the 100th day.  You can click here or the picture below to see more shirts. Make sure you select the category: 100th day to see all of the selections available. Orders should be received within 4-8 business days with standard shipping. If you want names on your shirt or anything custom, just email me at

I’ll leave you with my family’s Christmas card. I planned on posting it last month but, well last month is gone soooo that didn't work out so well did it?! If I did all the things I planned to do or wanted to do, well this stinkin’ to do list wouldn’t be 57 pages long. Ha!

I hope you are having a great return to school and staying warm.  Keep calm and teach on. Love and virtual hugs!