Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Well HELLO 2015!!

Oh back to school. We have a love hate relationship. I love my job and enjoy being in a routine but I also hate to leave my bed especially when it’s so stinking cold outside. I realize that some of you crazies are dealing with negative temperatures and I am in Texas but Snow M.G. I can barely handle it.

Let’s talk about 2015. Um, it’s here. As in, all day erryday.  Ha! Seriously, where did last semester go? Mind blown over here! The silver lining to this mini melt down is that my sweet husband has been working on a project for work for the last nine months and most weeks he is gone Monday-Friday which has left me in single parent mode.  This has been challenging but I can totally do the mom thing all day long (though the whole taxi situation is life sucking). Everything else had to go to the back burner. Blogging, creating, girls nights (tragic)…all in the crapper.  I’m cool with it though because my three ridiculously dramatic and one million percent teenager teens are so worth it.

Oh, speaking daughter takes her driving test tomorrow. Say a prayer for her. She actually turned 18 over the break but doesn’t have her license yet.  Let’s just say she has been driving impaired and we weren’t rushing the situation. Fingers crossed it goes well. Eek! That also means that I can get some more flipping help with this whole taxi situation. Ha!

Anyway, hubs is done with the work project and is now back home full time.  I also have a love hate relationship with that. LOL! When he is gone, I didn’t have to cook so much. The kids cooked for themselves and I made me a soup or salad. Easy right. Well hubs is a little more complicated and wants crap like SIDES and COOKED MEAT. Ha! It will be an adjustment but so worth it. I love him so much and when he was gone, my heart hurt.

I stayed at school until 6:00 p.m. tonight. I know most of you dread that but I have only been able to do that about three times this school year.  It’s so nice to now have the freedom to stay late and catch up or get head.  I feel really good about this semester right now just because I know I have him to count on at home.  

I have a ton of goals for 2015
Still working on the whole baby thing, sigh. I’m believing like no body’s business! I went back and read my 13 for ’13 tonight. I’m not going to lie, I shed a few tears.  My faith has not dwindled in the least bit.  I’m still believing and awaiting my miracle. I was having trouble picking out my One Little Word for 2015. Last year was HOPE and man oh man did I have and still do. I think this year my OLW will be GROW. I would love to grow in so many ways. I want to grow as a wife, mother, teacher. I would also love to grow a belly that is not full of jelly if ya get what I mean. ;)  I’m cracking myself up over here. Seriously, if my butt grows anymore, it’s getting an eviction notice!

I feel like if I am GROWing, I am moving forward.  There are times when I want to just remain still and wait and then there are times when I feel like I am supposed to grow. God has stretched me to my max this year with my class. I get upset and frustrated and he does something to break my heart and remind me why he has placed me, or really why he has placed these children with me.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Well who every said that is stupid. Just kidding. Maybe. ;) Some days I don’t want to be made strong but then again, I want to grow. Let’s just call this school year full of growing pains and you peeps are my therapist. Thank you very much. You can mail your bill to Kreative in Kinder @ 987 Not Getting Paid, Hot Mess, TX 12345. Ha!

In the spirit of moving and shaking, I finally created something new.  I am super excited to start creating monthly poetry units for my kids. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that poetry has always been part of our weekly routine in my classroom. You can click these pictures for more details and stay tuned for more months to come.

Before I go, I am having a sale in my t-shirt store in preparation for the 100th day.  You can click here or the picture below to see more shirts. Make sure you select the category: 100th day to see all of the selections available. Orders should be received within 4-8 business days with standard shipping. If you want names on your shirt or anything custom, just email me at

I’ll leave you with my family’s Christmas card. I planned on posting it last month but, well last month is gone soooo that didn't work out so well did it?! If I did all the things I planned to do or wanted to do, well this stinkin’ to do list wouldn’t be 57 pages long. Ha!

I hope you are having a great return to school and staying warm.  Keep calm and teach on. Love and virtual hugs!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A New Year & A New You GIVEAWAY!

We are about to embark on a new year and guess what that means? Yep, new goals and maybe a new you?! I don't believe in resolutions because guess what, they lead to self loathing because I don't always keep them. I do think it is important to work towards reasonable goals though. I think winter and the holidays make things worse because all I want to do is snuggle up and eat cookies. Ha! No for real, it's a problem.  

I know this school year has been a doozy on my health, mentally and physically. I've gained back all I lost this summer which makes me super sad. Most days I just don't want to be seen. My stress level has been higher than high and I feel like I need to just put it in its place. 

So, hubs and I already had a serious talk before Christmas. Neither of us are feeling our best and it's definitely easier to live healthy when you do it as a team. He wanted us to gut the pantry before Christmas but I said in my sweetest voice, ummm how about right after Christmas?. Yes, I have a problem. My name is Crystal and I am an emotional eater. When the going gets tough, I grab a coookie. 

The good news (pep talk for myself) is that I belong to a gym, I actual enjoy working out (once I force myself to go) and I KNOW how to eat healthy which is so much of the battle. So, who's with me? I've totally shared my fluffy heart here and know I'm not the only one who struggles. 

Oh, and I have good news! A few of my blogging buds and I know how important it is to get and stay healthy. We are all working on personal goals and want you to join us. We decided to give away a FitBit to help ya out. I don't have one yet, but I am hoping to grab one before the new year...which is kinda soon, ehem. 

One winner will be chosen on January 3, 2015. Make sure you enter below. There are several ways to enter so you have many chances to win! Stop by and see my friends too. We are all excited to host this giveaway! 
Sharing Kindergarten
Kindergarten Smiles
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Before I go, I want to give my sister a shout out too. She has a facebook page where she shares lots of pictures, healthy recipes, and her weight loss journey. Check her out by clicking here. Disclaimer: She loves taking selfies! Ha!

Love and virtual hugs!

Friday, December 5, 2014

12 Days of Giveaways with ESGI!!

I’m so excited to participate in ESGI’s 12 Days of Giveaways. They have a SLEIGH OF PRIZES to share with our awesome blog followers worth a total of $2,025 (for the 12 days).  Each day they are giving away a gift card for $25.00 worth of product credit to the specific blogger’s TPT store as well as a 1 year license to ESGI for a total value of $225.00. 

If you are new to ESGI, you MUST check out my post here. It has literally saved my hundreds of hours in testing and brain cells. I need those you know! I swear testing in kindergarten can lead a girl to drink. I’m talking spreadsheet after spreadsheet after spreadsheet. I will never. Go. Back. Eva!

Make sure you sign up for a free trial of ESGI to check out all of the greatness that this program has to offer. Seriously, cannot say enough how much I love this! Consider it a Christmas gift to yourself. Also, make sure you enter the rafflecopter below to win $25 worth of goodies from my TPT store along with a FREE YEAR of ESGI software.

I’m currently living it up with my girl at Disney but I will be back soon with more hotmessness to share with you.

Love and virtual hugs!!
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Attack Of The Squirrels!

Greetings friends. It’ s me, Crystal. Owner of this hot mess establishment we call Kreative in Kinder. We are still friends aren't we? I know, I’m the MIA chickadee that’s been swimming upstream this year. Things are getting better though. I think. Wait, I need to go knock on wood. Ha!

Seriously, I am determined to make this year work. This year is known as the year of changes. And changes. Oh, and changes.  Objective changes, curriculum changes, overall atmosphere of kids kind of changes. Yep, ch ch ch changes. (You are either singing that song OR you don’t know what the heck I am talking about and I am officially OLD, sigh.) These changes have me stretched to the max. Lots of pulling at my heart, shedding of tears, my nerves, my sleep schedule. I know, I am preaching to the choir here. I hear you screaming, PREACH. Ha!

And, because my life isn’t crazy enough, my middle child had the flu last week. Yep, he’s starting us off nice and early. At least I was a crazy proactive mom that ran straight to urgent care as soon as he started running a fever so he kicked it in three days.  I think Jesus has jokes. Love me some Jesus but man oh man, he thinks I have a cape or something lately. I keep looking in my closet for it. All I can find are jeans that don’t fit! Ha! I think my super hero name would be Super Hot Mess, or Captain Hot Mess. Can girls be Captains? I will have to ask my youngest. He can school me on all things super heroes. I think my super power would be to have the ability to clone myself. It only makes sense. I can have one chase that kid, one read to a group, one pass out tissues because the snot problem has run amuck, one monitor the bathroom because apparently it is cool to miss the toilet lately, and one that can play with my hair because that relaxes me. Ha!

I have asthma. I am sure I have complained about this before. Well, today I had a lot of trouble because of the constant weather changing so I had to take a few breathing treatments and a steroid. This is why I am still awake at midnight. And why I am all hyped up like I broke into the convenience store and drank all the coffee, mountain dew, and ate all the candy.  OMG why am I still awake?! Why am I talking a million miles an hour in my head? 

Oh, and guess what else? I created something new today. Can you believe it. It’s been months since I had time to sit down and actually make something I needed. I was looking at my calendar and honestly, December could have me breathing into a paper bag already. I kind of went into a panic yesterday. As in, I already bought all of my own kids Christmas presents on Amazon yesterday because I don’t think I will have time shop. I know, that’s super crazy but they are all teens and only wanted a few things, usually one big thing. 

Can I tell you the most ridiculous thing? (Sorry, I’m being attacked by squirrels and can’t focus) My daughter wants a mermaid tail. Yes, my soon to be 18 year old daughter would like her very own mermaid tale that she can swim in that has super special fin to make it real. Um, how can it be “real” when mermaids are not real? Secondly, do you know that those things cost up to $400!! No thank you. She will swim in it three times and I will have to supervise this situation to make sure she doesn’t drown and then she will get bored or it will be too hard and she won’t wear it anymore. People, I can’t make this stuff up! I did find one for $100 on amazon though. She said that if I won’t buy her one then can I just give her money (so she can buy her own). It’s a lose-lose mermaid tail situation here.

Back to my first thought. December will be craziness with special activities, field trips, studying holidays around the world, and topped off with the beloved holiday party. So, I made this HolidayHelper set. Want to know something else crazy?! (I’m full of all kinds of random information tonight, or is it this morning, idk.) I was thinking as it posted that stuff must of frozen over since I finally made something since THIS SUMMER, and guess what happened? It started SNOWING! And in right now! In Texas. In NOVEMBER! What on Earth?!  Is that a good sign? I hope so. Pure craziness. This also means that when I wake up in a few hours, if I can ever go to sleep, I need to leave even earlier because the roads could potentially be wet and people in Texas do not know how to drive in any sort of cold weather. Truth.

Do you have a week of Thanksgiving off? I do and I am so stinking excited about it too! My kids do not because they are in a different district and I am also excited about that because I can go grocery shopping and prep everything before they go on break without chasing my tail.

Okay, I am out of control with this post. I’m pretty sure I will read this tomorrow and say, what the heck?! Ha! Ugh, this medicine gives me a super headache. My friend was super sweet and dropped off some essential oils to help with my asthma. I’m not sure if I am supposed to bath in it, smell it or drink it but I think I will read the instructions and then attempt to go to bed. I’ve got 22 littles to attend to in the morning.  They come to school wired for sound too. I wasn’t at school on Friday because I was home with the flu kid so I am sure I have great things to look forward to upon my return. Ha!

Click the pics to see more of my latest and as always, it’s on sale for its debut. I'll do my best to come back tomorrow to post what we have been up to in our classroom. 

I also added some fun t-shirts to my store this weekend too.

Click the pic to see more!

Love and virtual hugs!